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  • Is Mr. Reply free to use?

    Yes. Mr. Reply is free to use as long as the number of active subscribers is lower than 500. Feel free to test the platform as much as you want. We don't ask for credit card information until you want to upgrade your account.

  • Do you have any use cases for marketing funnel?

    Yes, we call it: free + shipping pre-launch funnel and Dynamic Offer Automated webinar. Please check our blog for more information.

  • Do any digital marketers actually use chatbots?

    Definitely. For example, Russell Brunson and Frank Kern use chatbots as an important marketing tool.

  • What are the limitations of using Mr. Reply?

    Mr. Reply has unlimited possibilities. However, Facebook Messenger Policy could impose some limitations, which, in a nutshell, aim to prevent spamming. We at Mr. Reply will do our best to make sure that our users follow Facebook Policies.

  • Who built Mr. Reply?

    Mr. Reply is developed by advanced digital marketers. We know how to provide the best setting, tools and configurations of a chatbot for your marketing edges.

  • Do you plan on developing any additional marketing features in 2017 ?

    Absolutely! We are going to work on building exceptional marketing features to help you attract and retain more customers. We hope you would love our upcoming A/B testing and more advanced segmentation features. Stay Tuned!

  • Why is it important for my business ?

    Mr. Reply would help you get more customers at a low price by automating interactions with customers and building enduring trust with them.

  • What are the edges of Mr. Reply over other chatbot platforms?

    Mr. Reply aims to become a “24-hour marketing manager”. As a marketing driven chatbot platform developed by advanced digital marketers, Mr. Reply aims to help you build a chatbot way beyond “chatting”.